Are you ever too scared to write?



As silly as it sounds, I’m petrified to sit down and really work on any of my projects.  I’ve been learning more about my personality, and it sounds as though everyone with my personality type dreams of being an author, intent on validation and changing the world, with no real plans of how to do so.

I’m afraid of failure.  Of going back to a dead-end, soul-sucking “career.”  Of never accomplishing my dream, the very thing that, I believe, is the purpose for my life.  That’s a pretty tall order… if I don’t produce the thing I’ve created in my mind, I’ll disappoint myself, my family, the universe and God Himself.  Success feels so far beyond reach… like, somewhere near Pluto… and I feel like I should just give up.

But I don’t want to give up.

Have any of you felt this way?  How’d you keep going?

– sld


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