Ugh, I’m super busy right now.   There are just so many to-dos (and want-to-dos) on my list that I don’t know how to prioritize them all.

Writing is my job, but it’s difficult to treat it as such when I have a half-complete house, a hyperactive dog and an overworked husband.  I’ve read countless authors’ confessions of keeping dirty floors and piles of unwashed clothing while they’re in the middle of a project, and if that’s any indication of being a writer, I’m there!  Yussssss!


Still, my eyes wander over to the sink full of dishes from my oversized blueberry reading/writing chair.  Then my husband comes home for lunch and asks what I’ve done with my morning, and I can only say what’s true.  I think, Why am I such a lazy wife?   He doesn’t really mind if the house is messy,  but I do.  It’s in my raising.  I should at all times have a spotless home, even if that means waking up at 5 am to make it happen. (You did notice the title of my blog, right?  Yeah.  Definitely not happening).

So, I’m gonna fill you all in on what I’m doing this week, and, your job, dearies, is to hold me accountable.  Can you do that for me?  I’ll totally return the favor, if anyone would like to partake.

Will you be my Accountabilibuddy?



Goal:  Complete my 4,000 word Sci-fi short in two weeks.  Deadline is Oct. 15. ::

This short story is for a writing contest.  I’m about 1,000 words in so far, and the story’s all figured out, so this shouldn’t be too hard.  The title, however, eludes me.


Goal:  Add two pages per day to my YA novel’s first draft, Tuesday – Friday, for a total of eight pages per week. ::

I had an epiphany late last week that sent me into a tailspin:  My YA novel wasn’t working.  Eek!  I didn’t like it anymore.  So, it is undergoing a major tweak, and I hope it works out for the best.  Two pages per day is a lot for me, but I want nothing more in life than to finish this damned book.


Whew!  I realize two projects don’t sound like much, but these are my Chosen Ones.   I can do it.  I know I can.

chosen one


PLEASE, please, please let me know in the comments what you’re working on!  Do you have as much trouble as I do focusing in on writing projects?


– sld


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