Bringing the Lie to Life: What Your First Two Pages Can Tell You :: LitReactor

Isn’t it funny how often we miss details in our day-to-day lives, but when we read a book, we soak up all the detail the author allows?   I found this LitReactor column helpful in reminding me to think about the details early on in my work.  – sld

by Chris Rosales

I was once running a workshop at the Boulder Writing Studio when a student handed me a list. It had been compiled by a man named Gordon Mennenga, of Coe College, and had been passed around after the University of Iowa Writing Festival in Iowa City, until it ended up in my hands, here in Colorado. Unlike most such lists we see passed around writers circles, it was not a list of must-read books, and it was not a list of common mistakes writers should avoid, and, as much as most of us may have wanted it to be, it was not a list of Glengary-like leads on agents and editors. It was a list of particular details found in the first two pages of published novels.

Read the rest of the column here.


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