When the Well Runs Dry

Stephanie's  Crumbling Right Hemisphere.

Stephanie’s Crumbling Right Hemisphere.


I need some motivation, people.  Tell me – how do you keep working on your novel when your spring of creativity experiences a temporary drought?  Let me know!

– sld


5 thoughts on “When the Well Runs Dry

  1. I have the perfect recommendation for you. Ahem, well, it was for me at least 😉 If you have the time, take twenty minutes and watch this TED talk by author Elizabeth Gilbert. Regardless of whether you like her work or not, her message is motivating and inspiring, and has helped me show up every day, even when my creative genius fails to accompany me 😉 If you have the opportunity to watch it, I would be curious to your thoughts. Good luck and enjoy!

    • Dave, as it turns out, you were right. Gilbert’s speech is motivating, and I found it comforting to hear a best-selling author describe the same fears and frustrations I endure day after day. I do recognize my Creative Genius, and while I talk to him often, I am guilty of only showing up for work when he does. I needed this reminder. Thanks for the recommendation!

  2. I love your hemisphere pic! Hahaha…at least you haven’t lost your sense of humor. Ask yourself: What if your protagonist suddenly had an attack …heart, panic, munchy, asthma, sneezing, laughing, amnesia, cold feet, wanderlust, hives…anything you can think of. What would they do about it? Where would your story fit in to your favorite film if you could add it as a scene? What would you rather be doing–let your characters do that for a while. Let me know if any of that helps 🙂

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