The Escape Artist

The Escape Artist wears many faces.  With each encounter, she exchanges one for another with practiced fluidity and poise.

She keeps her masks separate, each in its own room. One honors her quick-witted side.  Another embraces her spirituality and transcendence. The next celebrates her material choices. 

But where is She?  Which room really holds Her?

There is no mask in this room.  There is only a mirror. She sees her real Self from every angle. Nothing is hidden. And she hates Her reflection.

Past the mirror, she runs.  No one wanted to see her for who She was, so she hid from Herself, too. If no one loved Her, why should she?

Then one day, He arrived.

He saw all of her faces, witnessed all of her attempts to escape into her many rooms, but She could not hide from Him.  She led Him into the mirrored room, nervous and exposed. 

He saw Her, and He loved Her.  And so She made the greatest escape of Her life.



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